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Davina naked with friendsSeeing beautiful girls naked is great fun but getting a good look at just how they got naked can take it to a whole new level. Whether you like to see them simply undress themselves, be stripped by someone else, be tricked out of their clothes, strip-searched or lose their clothes in a variety of other exciting and inventive ways, we’ve just about got it all covered – or rather uncovered! See it all in high-quality photosets and videos. 

A Measure of Curiosity has many excellent features for everyone who likes to see girls undressing, stripping and being stripped:

  • Photosets – All, except our “Classic” photosets, are provided at 2048 pixel resolution.
  • Videos – All provided at 720×576 resolution minimum.
  • Downloadable Content – All our content can be downloaded and kept for private use.
  • Lots of Content – Stats in the right column show how many of each update type is available to members.

Our large collection is divided into 4 main categories:

  • Solos – Girls undressing themselves.
  • Audiences – Girls undressing in front of others.
  • Auditions – Girls being undressed by others.
  • Stories – Photo/video stories where some/all of the girls end up naked.

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