Cancel Membership:

Please don’t contact us if you simply wish to cancel your membership. Your subscription can easily be cancelled by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Cancel Verotel Membership

Cancel CCBill Membership


Forgotten Usercode/Passcode:

If you have forgotten your login details please use the appropriate link below to retrieve them. You may also e-mail us to receive your login details, but this will be much slower. Please don’t forget to tell us the e-mail address you used to sign up and any other details (eg Usercode) that you can provide.

Retrieve Verotel Usercode and passcode.

Retrieve CCBill Username and password.


Usercode and Passcode do not work:

Before you contact us about this, please make absolutely sure that you have typed in the codes correctly. We recommend cutting and pasting to make sure. So far almost all cases of logins not working have been due to mistyped codes or expired memberships. If you are certain that you have entered the correct codes, please e-mail us immediately:

support @


Videos will not play:

All our videos require a standard MP4 codec to play. Most web browsers and media players support this, but not all. If yours does not then you will either need to install the correct codec or use a video player which does play MP4s. We recommend VLC video player if you have problems with your current software. 

You can stream videos from the site but we recommend you download the videos before you play them.  Right-click on the links in the video description post and choose “Save…” or “Save as…” to save them to your hard drive first and play them from there.


Other problems:

If you have any problems or queries which are not covered by the topics on this page, then please feel free to contact us at this e-mail address.

support @


My e-mails to AMOC support are going unanswered:

A few members have had a problem with this. We attempt to reply to all support e-mails within 24 hours. Please allow this time as we are unable to offer 24-hour support and you may well be in a different timezone to us. If you continue to not receive any replies from us then the most likely reasons for this are that your e-mail software is using a spam filter and has misidentified our mails as spam, or your ISP is blocking our e-mails.
Please do not e-mail us using an AOL or Yahoo e-mail address. AOL (and some other e-mail providers) routinely block our e-mails so you will not receive our replies. In this situation, we recommend that you sign up for a free Google Mail or Outlook e-mail account and try again.