A Measure of Curiosity has many excellent features for everyone who likes to see girls undressing, stripping and being stripped:


  • Photosets – All available in sizes from 640 to 2048 pixels resolution.
  • Videos – All available in 720×576 resolution.
  • No DRM – Our customers don’t like it, so we don’t use it.
  • Zip files – All photosets have a matching zipfile containing all the photos at 2048 pixels.
  • Searchable Gallery – Now you can search for exactly the videos/photos you are looking for.
  • Downloadable content – All our updates can be downloaded and kept.
  • Lots of updates – Just look at our updates page to see all the updates.
  • Slideshow feature –  Automated sideshow in the gallery.
  • Excellent customer support – Having been around since 2002, we pride ourselves on being reliable & trustworthy.

Our large collection of updates is divided into 4 categories:


      • Solo strips – girls undressing themselves.
      • Audience strips – girls undressing in front of other people.
      • Audition strips – girls being undressed by others.
      • Stories – photo stories and video stories where some/all of the girls end up naked.

    • Videos – a mixture of the above types, in 720×576 quality video.


Every update has one thing in common. At least one girl in each goes from fully dressed to completely naked.

Audience strips. Solo strips. Auditions. Photostories and Video stories.

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