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Reviewed on 1st March 2011 – Visit review.
Score 80/100.

Reviewed on 20th March 2011 – Visit review.
Score 8.0/10.

Reviewed on 7th June 2011 – Visit review.
Score 77/100.

Reviewed on 7th March 2011 – Visit review.
Score 7.5/10.

Tyler’s Porn Reviews

Reviewed on 15th March 2011 – Visit review.
Score 75%.

Reviewed on 16th March 2011 – Visit review.
Score 75%.

Mr Pinks

Reviewed on 5th March 2011 – Visit review.
Score 68%.

Reviewed on 4th July 2011 – Visit review.
Score 62%.

Jasmine watches Talia undressing for a shower.

As A Measure of Curiosity is quite different to most of the other adult sites out there, we often struggle with review scores. There is no hardcore content (explicit sex, insertions etc.) in our members’ area and that upsets some reviewers. This site focuses on girls going from fully clothed to completely naked – a journey which is most often great fun. So many sites skip to full nudity or straight to sex. On A Measure of Curiosity we savour the anticipation, the excitement and sometimes the tease of a beautiful woman making the sexy transition to being completely nude. All our auditions, solo strips, audience strips and photostories end up with a good look at one or more of the participants completely naked and exposed, be they embarrassed, excited or even unaware.

Do you prefer to see girls confidently undressing or embarrassed to be exposing their naked body? We have a mix of both, in photosets and in clips.