Kacy’s Solo Strip

Those of you who love the classic simplicity of the solo strips will enjoy this update. Kacy, a rather petite, brunette girl, performs for us this time, casually progressing from fully clothed to stark naked to show off her cute body. Excellent.

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Story: Tight Clothes

Who would have thought that a cup of coffee and a chat could turn out so entertaining when those involved are so competitive?! Samantha and Kacy argue over who’s got the tightest outfit, and end up taking things a lot further than you might expect! Mind you, I’m not complaining about the outcome :).

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Story: The Sales Rep.

Samantha gets hassled by a door-to-door sales rep., but she knows just how to deal with them. The big question is, just what is the woman prepared to do to make that sale? Samantha decides to find out if the woman is prepared to get completely naked to make that sale!

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Kacy’s Audition

Poor, embarrassed Kacy has to just stand there and let Samantha gleefully strip her completely naked for us. These two sexy girls always worked very well together.

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