Story: The Magic Trick

Jane persuades her friends Hannah and Faye to help her demonstrate a new magic trick she has learnt. I don’t think these two girls know what they are letting themselves in for!

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Story: The Strip-o-Matic

This is one of my favourite ever photostories, sexy with a sci-fi twist. Jane inherits a brilliant new “toy” and decides to use it to cause her friends some major embarrassment. I want a Strip-o-Matic but where do I buy one of those?!

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Faye’s Audience Strip

Faye attends a job interview. She dresses in a businesslike manner and arrives on time, but all her preparations did not prepare her for having to strip naked as part of the interview.

Story: The Strip Game

Jane and Hannah persuade their friend Faye to play a strip card game with them. It’s just a simple card game with a single loser, but is Faye wise to agree to play the game with them? Let’s find out!

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Jane’s Audition Strip

For Jane’s audition we just had to let Nerissa strip her completely naked for us. As a more mature woman, it must have been particularly embarrassing for her to just stand there and let a younger girl undress her. However embarrassing it is for her, she’s still going to end up stripped completely naked.

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