Carrie’s Audition Strip

A while back we got lucky Mark to strip Bethany completely naked for us. That worked well so we got him to strip her friend Carrie naked too! All Carrie has to do is simply stand there and let Mark take off ALL of her clothes. I don’t think she’s too keen on that.

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Carrie’s Audience Strip

For Carrie’s sexy audience strip we got her to fully undress in front of Oriana and Amelia. Carrie was embarrassed about having to get completely naked so close in front of two of her friends but Amelia and Oriana really enjoyed the show.

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Story: The Bet

Bethany and Carrie have been ignoring Mark as much as they can, mostly to annoy him. He reckons they can’t keep it up and they bet they can totally ignore him for a whole hour, no matter what he does. He’s happy to accept that bet. Have the girls properly thought this one through? I don’t think so!

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Story: Back from the Gym

Amelia, Carrie and Oriana arrive home after a session in the gym wanting a shower. However there are three girls and only one shower! How will they work that one out?

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Story: Annoying Oriana

Amelia and Carrie decide to play a childish trick on Oriana to wind her up. Unfortunately for them Oriana finds a way to turn it around on them. The question is, just how determined are they to annoy her before they’ll give up? I love this photostory – we should do more like this!

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