Story: Losers Get Naked

Bridget persuades Emily and Pasha to join her in a very sexy game of Darts. The difference with this one is that the loser of each round must remove an item of her clothing and the game is not over until two lovely girls are completely naked.

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Story: The Shoplifter

Store security guard, Pasha, takes a shoplifter she has caught to the manager. Of course, first they have to prove she has been shoplifting and the manager has a very thorough search in mind.

Story: Return of the Corporate Spies

After their attempt at industrial espionage went so badly wrong, Pasha and Emily decide they are going to get their own back.

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Story: Corporate Spies

Emily and Pasha have a go at being corporate spies. They decide to steal some valuable designs from a designer who works for a rival company. It seems a simple enough operation until they discover that they cannot find the designs – then things get even worse! They learn the hard way that corporate espionage doesn’t pay, especially when you get caught!

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