Story: The Bet

Bethany and Carrie have been ignoring Mark as much as they can, mostly to annoy him. He reckons they can’t keep it up and they bet they can totally ignore him for a whole hour, no matter what he does. He’s happy to accept that bet. Have the girls properly thought this one through? I don’t think so!

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Bethany’s Audience Strip

One of our classic style audience strips. Poor, embarrassed Bethany simply has to stand up in front of two of her friends and strip completely naked whilst they watch her. She finds this most embarrassing!

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Bethany’s Audition

In this audition photoset we thought it would be fun to let Mark strip a rather nervous Bethany completely naked. Even though she found it quite embarrassing she went through with it. The result is a very sexy audition with a pretty girl ending up naked.

Bethany's Audition. Bethany's Audition. Bethany's Audition.