Abigail’s Audition Strip

For Abigail’s audition we thought it would be fun to let Dan strip her completely naked. She poor girl had to just stand there and let him take off all her clothes. Safe to say she found this situation kind of embarrassing!

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Story: End of the Night

Abigail, Davina and Trinity have spent an enjoyable evening in their local night club but now, as it approaches closing time, their discussion turns what they should do to round off the evening. Davina thinks they should try something a little crazy, for a laugh. I think you know how this is going to go?

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Story: Game in a Nightclub

Before the nightclub opens for the evening, three of the staff are bored. They’ve got about 20 minutes before the first customers are allowed in so they decide to play a sexy game of Spin-the-Bottle to kill some time.

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Story: What a Choice!

Abigail and Trinity decide that there is only one way to decide who is right in a discussion they are having. I don’t want to give too much away, but someone’s going to end up stripped completely naked!

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Abigail’s Audience Strip

Abigail got all dressed up for a Saturday night out for this audience strip, and then we made her strip completely naked in front of her friends in the bar. This girls has a simply amazing body! Abigail put in a wonderfully sexy performance, acting so shy when we all know she isn’t really!

Story: Strip Police

Today’s update is another excellent photostory. Poor Abigail and Trinity are caught acting “suspiciously” by a chap who claims to be a Police officer. I think I’d demand to see some ID girls…

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