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Caley strips before her friends in the garden.Seeing girls naked is fun but seeing just how they got naked can take it to a whole new level. Whether you like to see them simply undress themselves, be stripped by someone else, be tricked out of their clothes, stripsearched or lose them in a variety of other ways, we’ve just about got it covered – or rather uncovered! See it all in high quality photosets and videos.

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Story: Strip Police

Eleanor & Nitsa arrive home to their apartment after an evening out to find a police officer waiting for them. Whatever could he want? I think someone’s about to get strip-searched!

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Shelley’s 2nd Audience Strip

It was so much fun last time that we decided to get Shelley to strip completely naked in front of her friends, Penny and Nerissa, again. This time Penny and Nerissa decide to makes things a little more interesting, and embarrassing for her.

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Story: Maggie Does Some Sunbathing

The weather’s lovely, her housemates are out so Maggie decides it’s the perfect time to get some sunbathing in, in the garden. What could possibly go wrong? Well it’s fairly safe to say that someone is going to end up exposed and embarrassed!

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Caley’s 3rd Audition

When a girl looks this good, you just can’t audition her too many time!
What’s better than one girl stripping another girl? Two girls stripping another, of course! Here we get to watch lovely Caley getting stripped naked by her friends Phoebe & Lacey. Very nice photoset.

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Jasmine’s 4th Audition Strip

A classic audition strip today. It’s lovely Jasmine’s turn today to simply stand there and let a female friend strip her completely naked. Chrissy does the honours and I suspect she positively enjoyed the experience. One girl stripping another completely naked is always fun and this a prime example of the art. Lots of fun (and a lovely body!).

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Belle’s Solo Strip

It’s been far too long since we featured one of our sexy solo strips. Today the lovely Belle does the honours for us, stripping completely naked and doing a nude twirl for our enjoyment. This sultry beauty loves to show off what she’s got!

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Story: Back from the Gym

Amelia, Carrie and Oriana arrive home after a session in the gym wanting a shower. However there are three girls and only one shower! How will they work that one out?

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Penny’s Audience Strip

Today it’s Penny’s turn to simply stand up, face two of her friends and strip completely naked while Nerissa and Shelley get to just sit back and enjoy the show. Penny was quite nervous about going through with this, but she managed. Brave girl!

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