Story: Strip Police

Today’s update is another excellent photostory. Poor Abigail and Trinity are caught acting “suspiciously” by a guy who claims to be a Police officer. He wants to check them out. I think I’d demand to see some ID girls…

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Hannah’s Audience Strip

Hannah wonders why she has been called into her boss’ office. It’s rarely good, but she wasn’t expecting to be ordered to strip completely naked in front of her. Is her boss allowed to do that?

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Welcome to A Measure of Curiosity

Caley strips before her friends in the garden.Seeing beautiful girls naked is great fun but getting a good look at just how they got naked can take it to a whole new level. Whether you like to see them simply undress themselves, be stripped by someone else, be tricked out of their clothes, strip searched or lose their clothes in a variety of other exciting and inventive ways, we’ve just about got it all covered – or rather uncovered! See it all in high quality photosets and videos. 
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Gaby’s Audition Strip

It’s Gaby’s turn to be auditioned today. She gets to stand outside in the garden whilst two of her close friends, Jasmine and Layla, strip her completely naked and make her twirl. Excellent! I wonder if any of the neighbours are watching this one? Gaby was very shy about being stripped but did her best to hide her reluctance.

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Story: The Strip-o-Matic

This is one of my favourite ever photostories, sexy with a sci-fi twist. Jane inherits a brilliant new “toy” and decides to use it to cause her friends some major embarrassment. I want a Strip-o-Matic but where do I buy one of those?!

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Emily’s Audience Strip

Bridget calls employee Emily into her private office. Emily is shy and nervous, and her worries turn
out to be justified when Bridget insists she takes off her clothes and stand before her completely naked. Emily really doesn’t want to get naked, but does she have a choice when her boss orders it?

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Jasmine’s 2nd Audition Strip

Jasmine has already been auditioned on video, so for this one, we re-auditioned her in a photoset. For this audition, we got her friend Caley to strip her completely naked for us. All Jasmine had to do was simply stand there and let her clothes come off. One girl stripping another is always sexy and this is clearly no exception. Excellent!

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Jordana’s Solo Strip

Enjoy as Jordana performs her wonderfully sexy solo strip in the kitchen. Due to their very simple nature it’s hard to make solo strips as engaging as some of our other types of update, but I think you’ll agree that this solo strip by Jordana is an absolute classic. A beautiful girl and a very sexy performance.

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