Emily’s Audience Strip

Bridget calls employee Emily into her private office. Emily is shy and nervous, and her worries turn
out to be justified when Bridget insists she takes off her clothes and stand before her completely naked. Emily really doesn’t want to get naked, but does she have a choice when her boss orders it?

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Jasmine’s 2nd Audition Strip

Jasmine has already been auditioned on video, so for this one, we re-auditioned her in a photoset. For this audition, we got her friend Caley to strip her completely naked for us. All Jasmine had to do was simply stand there and let her clothes come off. One girl stripping another is always sexy and this is clearly no exception. Excellent!

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Jordana’s Solo Strip

Enjoy as Jordana performs her wonderfully sexy solo strip in the kitchen. Due to their very simple nature it’s hard to make solo strips as engaging as some of our other types of update, but I think you’ll agree that this solo strip by Jordana is an absolute classic. A beautiful girl and a very sexy performance.

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Story: Corporate Spies

Emily and Pasha have a go at being corporate spies. They decide to steal some valuable designs from a designer who works for a rival company. It seems a simple enough operation until they discover that they cannot find the designs – then things get even worse! They learn the hard way that corporate espionage doesn’t pay, especially when you get caught!

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Bethany’s Audience Strip

One of our classic style audience strips. Poor, embarrassed Bethany simply has to stand up in front of two of her friends and strip completely naked whilst they watch her. She finds this most embarrassing! Bianca (brunette) and Giselle (blonde) seemed to rather enjoy her performance.

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Carrie’s Audition Strip

A while back we got lucky Mark to strip Bethany completely naked for us. That worked well so we got him to strip her friend Carrie naked too! All Carrie has to do is simply stand there and let Mark take off ALL of her clothes. I don’t think she’s too keen on that.

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Xena’s Solo Strip

To add an interesting variation to Xena’s solo strip we got her dressed up as a cheerleader and, of course, insisted that she did a little dance routine for us once her clothes were off. She really enjoyed this opportunity to explore her exhibitionist streak. Who wants to see her pompoms?

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Story: The Photoshoot

Maggie has been persuaded to try out some bikini modelling, it seems like an easy way to earn some extra money. However Owen the photographer seems to have other ideas for his photoshoot and wants to take things a little bit further.
(This is one of the best photostories we have produced, in my opinion. Maggie has a simply amazing body and all the elements of the story came together perfectly.)

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