Natalie’s Audition.

Natalie wasn’t told beforehand that her friend Tracey was going to strip her naked for her audition and then make her do a nude twirl for us. Poor girl!

Tracey’s Audition Strip.

We gave Cate the task of auditioning Tracey for us, which basically involved stripping her naked and making her twirl. Judging by the result I think it’s safe to say that Cate really enjoyed getting Tracey out of all her clothes and embarrassing her.

Demi’s Audition Strip

For Demi’s audition we thought it would be fun to let older girl, Sarah, strip her completely naked for us. Demi was a little shy and really not too keen on this idea, but Sarah was determined to get all of Demi’s clothes off her. This audition is provided as a video which runs to 4 minutes and 2 seconds.

Here is a video grab preview for non-members:

Demi's audition

Samantha A’s Audition.

For Samantha’s audition we thought it would be fun to get her friend, Jessie, to strip her completely naked and make her twirl. Jessie seemed to enjoy the task.

Cate’s Audition.

We thought it would make Cate’s audition more interesting if we didn’t tell her what was going to happen. Her friend Natalie was given the job of stripping Cate completely naked for us and I think she enjoyed it.

Kaz’s Audition Strip.

After we got Lilly to audition Kaz a few weeks back it only seemed fair to let Lilly get her own back on Kaz. Obviously Kaz wasn’t too keen on this but Lilly was most determined to get the job done.

Story 10: Concert Tickets.

Emma has two tickets to a highly desirable concert but she has two best friends. How will she choose which of Demi and Tyler will be the lucky girl accompany her? She decides the only way is to make them compete against each other.

Compendium of Solo Strips.

This is a set of 4 videos recorded in 2004 and 2005, before we had the audio tracks sorted out. Sadly there is no way of restoring the original sound, and the picture quality isn’t as good as more recent videos. They clearly aren’t up to the standard required to be called an update, but also it would be a great shame to consign them to the rubbish bin so we have instead issued them as a single video, containing four girls performing sexy solo strips.

Both versions of this video are 10 minutes and 8 seconds long.